Live Drum Kit Vol.1 - Kontakt 6

The Sound and Style of Yaahn Hunter Jr!

Live Drum Kit Vol.1 definitely stands out from Kontakt's stock drum kits. This kit features Yaahn's Sonor AQ2 seven piece drum set. It also features the Benny Greb 2.0 Signature Snares! Each drum and cymbal is sampled at 3-4 velocities to give you the authentic feeling of sitting behind a real beefy drum kit.


Kontakt 6 (FULL VERSION)

Samples include:


22" x 17.5" Kick Drum, 13" x 5.75" Snare Drum(x2), 12" x 5" Snare Drum, 8" x 7" Rack Tom, 10" x 7" Rack Tom, 12" x 8" Rack Tom, 13"x 12" Floor Tom and 16" x 15" Floor Tom.


18" Dark Crash, 16" Medium Dark Crash, 8" Splash, 22" Ride, 18" Ozone Crash and 18" FX Crash.

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