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Gospel Vocal Chains - Studio One 5

Gospel Vocal Chains - Studio One 5

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The Sound and Style of Yaahn Hunter Jr.

Gospel Vocal Chains - Studio One 5 is just what you need to instantly transform your vocals! This mixing template will save you hours of frustration... Each channel strip is programmed and assigned to the FX busses. This template will make your vocals sound like: Tasha Cobbs, Jonathan McReynalds, James Fortune, Todd Dulaney and many other award winning gospel artists!


Lead Vocal Channel Strip featuring Studio One 5's Compressors and Vintage EQ's.

Background Vocal "BGV" Bus that also includes Studio One's Compressors and Vintage EQ's.

FX includes: 2 Reverb Busses and 1 Delay Bus. 


Studio One 5 Free Version or Higher.

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