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Chill-Hop Kits

Chill-Hop Kits

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Chill-Hop Kits features Yaahn hunter Jr's custom Drum Samples and Bass Patches! These kits are PERFECT for: Boom Bap, Hip-Hop, Chill-Hop and R&B. Need that classic J Dilla feel??? These Kits will TAKE YOU THERE! "What Bass is that?" is a common question.. Now.. "JD Bass" IS INCLUDED! Chill-Hop Kits also includes:

Multi-Velocity One-Shot Samples.

20 Kicks, 20 Snares, 15 Rims, 18 Toms, 20 Hi-Hats, 13 Cymbals.

Bonus Drum Loops (STEMS INCLUDED).

7 Bonus Bass Patches (MORE TO COME)!

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